The Union of Poles in America is a Catholic Fraternal Society composed exclusively of members who have freely joined together for their mutual protection and benefit through the instruments of insurance.

The organization is incorporated, has no capital stock, and is organized and carried on solely for the benefit of its members, and their beneficiaries, but not for profit. Currently, the organization is composed of 22 lodges, which represent approximately 5,000 members and has a ritualistic form of work and representative government.

On January 1, 2005 the Union of Poles in America merged with the Polish National Alliance of North America and became a Division of the PNA.  The Union of Poles also obtained its own District 17, consisting of three Councils; Cleveland, Toledo, and Lorain.  Quarterly District meetings are held and are open to any District 17 members.

The Union of Poles provides assistance to its members by offering college scholarships, sports grants, and educational grants to its younger members. The Children’s Christmas parties and family picnic are annual affairs. Golf outings, bowling, excursions, miniature golf, Easter egg hunts and other functions are conducted throughout the year.